Love Is Brutal Written By: Jesse Abundis



Dear old, Sally


Friends all wondering

If she’ll ever be more

Than just an old maid

With too many cats

Always trying to fill a void

Of the failed 12 relationships

She ever had

Always being the one night stand

Of men who wanted a quick fuck

No fuss

No ring

No children to bare

Just a quick two minutes

To clear the cobwebs upstairs

Nothing more

Nothing less

Sometimes neither had to get undressed

Of course that all changed

Two months ago

She met a man

She thought she’ll never meet

In this lonesome world

That looked so bleak

A handsome stranger

A handsome prince

Someone to save this sweet damsel in distress

His name was Henry

Just like the prince

He spoke so softly

With words that made her swoon

Lips that made her wet

Eyes so enchanting

It took one look

To be lost forever

In that gaze

Forever hypnotized

How they spoke to her

Telling her all she needed to know

About her prince

A man so sweet

He believed in peace


And harmony

This sweet stranger

Was no doubt an angel

Sent from heaven

To keep her safe

He would never hurt her

He would never break her trust

This sweet prince

Was of a noble kind

And he refuses to do such rot

To his sweet damsel in distress

Try to keep this one over a year

Her friends teased

Poor old, Sally

Never could keep a man

But this was different

It was in the air

It was in the moment

It was in the second they laid eyes

Everything felt right

Like a cosmic force

Guiding her to light

For once in her life

Halloween night

Her sweet prince calls

With seductive words of tantalizing delight

I’ll be right over with a surprise

He says

She races upstairs

Changing her clothes

Putting on her face

She could feel it in her bones

The Gods were saying

This is your night

The sound of wedding bells


All danced in her head

This was a first

So new to her

What should she call?

Her four children

That was surely to bare?

A knock at the door

There he is

Sharp as ever

A smile so bright

Brighter than before

She opens the door with much delight

There in his hands

Lay a dozen red roses


He says

Surprise she is

Dear old, Sally


I hate roses

I told you so

So many nights ago

He smiles and hands it to her

Pays no attention to her distaste

He walks into her house

Sitting on the couch

Making himself at home

How this poor fool

Should have made notes

Because every man that crossed her path

Should have known About the 12 No’s

No Anal

No Bukkake

No Calling girls

No Porn

No TV past midnight

No Naughty jokes

No Oral for you

No Oral for her

No Ease dropping

No answering her calls

No roll of the eyes

And of course the biggest of them all

No fucking roses

Under no circumstance at all

Poor old Henry

Should have known best

But now he waits

Thinking he’ll get a kiss


He gets hammered on his soft tender head

How he cries and screams

As his blood paints the walls

Too much pain to bare

For this poor fool

Who stares in awe

Wondering where his sweet damsel has vanished to

Now he looks into the eyes

Of a thing of nightmares

Meant to keep the children in line

Two more swift whacks

That’s all it took

To silence this poor fool

Who was being drag to the basement

Where he’ll shortly be with

The other 12 men

That cursed the day

They ever met

That sweet damsel in distress

“ Oh why, oh why, can’t I ever find the right man.”


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