This Friday I went to see the first ever bringing together of the greatest Marvel  superheroes to the big screen known as the AVENGERS! If you didn’t know to begin with, I am a huge comic freak and 100% nerd to the bone! Who in the hell doesn’t want to see Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, THOR altogether kicking ass! And if you’re looking for an ass kicking film, then look no further. This baby is drenched with it, with SMASH on the side! You even get the THOR vs. HULK match-up and IRON MAN vs. THOR vs. CAPTAIN AMERICA wet dream fanfic?

            It packs a nice style of comedy with our heroes during some fight scenes and with the villain Loki who is hell bent in brining earth down since his last encounter in THOR. Now, the numbers have been huge for this franchise and people are begging for more. So, you think with such praises I would give it a 5 out of 5. BUT, I can not. And here is the “why”

            For one, the storyline is rushed off the bat. We’re tossed in a whirlwind without having enough time to really enjoy the chaos, it’s a theme that carries on through out the film. Captain America is a new era, we’re told he’s having a tough time adjusting, but it’s never seen, not once. Only with some small practical jokes thrown here and there, but not really enough to show us the deep scars that lie within. Thor returns to earth, but isn’t show how. That’s the issue that bugged me, it’s almost as though Thor came back, nuff said, don’t think about, not for a second… do I have to wait until the next movie to find out? If so, that kinda sucks.

             Of course we also have Black Widow, whose 2D to the bone, she’s tough, she’s an agent, she cares for Hawkeye with all her heart, ah yes, Hawkeye another hero that we’re told to care about, but frankly I couldn‘t. Yet we’re meant to have all these emotions for these characters  in a span of 2 minutes. If this was done on any other film, critics would have bashed it and fans would have tossed to the fire. This film should not get a pass on merely because it’s the Avengers.

            The fight scenes were outstanding, well done. But the way the characters looked defeated for a mere two to five minutes then somehow came together and formed a plan to stop this threat, made me bash my head against the wall. For example, Thor is in a field, tries to pick up his hammer…but can’t after getting defeated by Loki… few minutes later random scene he grabs his hammer thunder strikes down and he finds his well to fight. COME ON! At least give us something, what was Thor thinking about? Or at least a flash back to he and Loki as kids or his father speaking words of wisdom. I understand the film could only be 2 hours and 25 minutes, but you have to give us a little something than just take our word he‘s sad but he‘s better now.

            Yes, we’ve all been dying to see the Avengers and we got it, but, is it the film we deserve? No, not by a long shot. Even though some have told me wait for Iron Man 3, Thor 2 , Captain American 2 and the Avengers 2 to get the whole picture… that’s where my BIGGER issue lies. Are we going to see rushed films meant to sell one thing, the next Avengers movie? If that’s the reasoning to it, I just have to shake my head.

             Story wise this franchise just gives me a headache. Look no further than IRON 2 which was a total bust. Now look at the first Iron Man and you’ll known it was on to something, the second part just ran off the cliff and burned. Mainly to put focus on the Avengers movie. Captain America started off great, then rushed to the end without giving us a look into the belly of the beast that was Red Skull, who was misused in that film, so many darker ways you could have gone, but they just ended up making look like an Austin Powers villain. I know I’ll get some heat for that.

            In the end, I got to see my heroes on screen, but I didn’t get to feel the connection to their troubles or heartaches to come with this film, they just felt soulless. Though, I do not dispute that it won’t break records seeing how it’s a big target with kids and families; to let their inner geek come out to play.

            The Avengers is a first of it’s kind, I point to you the Tim Burton Batman franchise, when it came out it was awesome sauce , then Christopher Nolan came and showed us how much BETTER, someone else can retell the story. The Avengers are in a league of it’s own, for now. I will hand them this, they sticked to the source material as much as they could, and I applaud them for that.

            Yes this franchise can  sell, but will they become an icon for the ages, I have to say no. Not if the next films can take a drop into somewhere dark and start putting the lives of it’s heroes at risk and show them they are nothing but flesh and blood.. Then, they might just be an image no one in the world will be able to compete with. Till then, I’m giving the AVENGERS a 3.5 out of 5.

Let the comments rain down on my page like the wrath of THOR  😉 

Jesse Abundis



  1. I thought this film was EPIC!!!!!!!! 5 out of 5! come on, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man this was film for the ages! I will agree Iron Man 2 did suck, wasn’t like the first. Still, Joss Whedon gave us a classic for the ages, he’s the first director to bring our best superheores to the big screen.

    I enjoyed the story. I did it see it jump quickly from time to time, but none of that took away from the epicness! Apart of me wants to see DC bring out their JLA how amazing would that be! JLA and Avengers! ACK!!!! My mind is going crazy!!!

    • I think my major issue, I wanted it darker LOL 😀 that’s just me of course. But, I enjoyed the film, just didn’t think it was 4 out of 5 worthy I know how much heat that will get me lol 😀 I love DC, but the JLA seems way out of reach, they really screwed up with Green Lantern, Nolan’s batman doesn’t fit with other heroes and I”M SUPER FINE WITH THAT 😀 THE DARK KNIGHT RISES WOOT WOOT!!! LOL Man Of Steel is nearing close can’t wait to see that as well.

      As for Marvel’s Avenger, it was ok, will I go watch another Iron Man, Captain America, Thor? HELL YES! Comic book freak to the end 😀

  2. Why would you want it darker? I don’t think that would work at all for a film like this. But I do agree with you that I didn’t have much of a connection with the characters. I guess that’s hard to do when you have an ensemble like this.

  3. There were a lot of characters with few little time to explore them. I felt like, I could see my heroes but I couldn’t really care. But, I’d love a little more darkness to this series, again, that’s just me.

  4. So many things wrong with your review of the Avengers, I’m having trouble finding out where to start. Let’s start with the way you wrote it.

    First of all, it seems like you went into this movie with some pre-conceived notions that it was going to be worse than “Dark Knight” and “Dark Knight Rises.” I know you’re a huge Batman fan and what Nolan has done with that series is awesome, but if you’re going to be writing a film review. You can’t go in to the theater with a biased perspective, especially if it’s a negative one. Given the track record of the previous Marvel films and Joss Whedon’s fanboy status, there was no reason to have that kind of viewpoint.

    Second, the plot holes that you point out are explained. Loki asks Thor how much Dark Energy Odin had to conjure to let Thor enter Midgard. Also in “Thor,” it is revealed that the Bifrost is not the only way into or out of Asgard, which explains how the frost giants entered undetected.
    Initially, I thought the same thing you did about Captain America’s character arc in the beginning of the film. I thought some scenes showing ho he’s adjusting to living in 2012 should have been included. That is, until I realized if the “Avengers” included scenes with Cap marveling at how different thsi world is from the one he grew up in, we would have basically had “Thor.” “Thor” already gave us a fish out of water story. If they had done the same thing either in “Captain America” or “The Avengers,” it would have just been a rehash.
    Speaking of Thor, Whedon left it up to the audience to pencil what Thor was thinking was about in the field before he picked up Mjolnir. The consensus among my friends is that he was thinking that in order for this world to be saved and Loki to be defeated, he needed help. He thought he could do it alone, but he can’t. It was his turning point in the film. Just about every main character had one, with exceptions of Nick Fury and Cap. I think it was better this way.

    Lastly, I don’t understand how you felt the Avengers was rushed. This has been Marvel Studios pet project since it was first announced in 2008. The post credit scene in “Iron Man” is proof of this. It seemed like you were expecting a brooding, dark superhero film. But we get that in the other Marvel films. We get to see Tony Stark’s self-destructive tendencies in “Iron Man” and his downward spiral in “Iron Man 2.” We get to see Bruce Banner’s fear and lonesomeness in “The Incredible Hulk.” “Thor” dealt with pride and abandonment. “The Avengers” and the Marvel movies on the whole are meant to be fun, family-friendly fare. In the future maybe you should just keep that in mind when you go see the next batch of Marvel Studios films.

  5. I didn’t come into his film with hate for the Avgeners. Yes, I am a Nolan fan, but trust me I’m not a DC vs MARVEL person.

    Iron Man 2 was a bust in my eyes and slowed a good story to sell the Avengers, you’re not going to sell me any different.

    As for the deep connections with the characters, it wasn’t there in this film and wasn’t in the other films. Except for Iron man. Maybe that played a huge factor, but all in all I still think it was an alright movie, not a great, but still a good film.

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