Why Such A Dark Stigma For Self-Pub?

You look at all other forms of art, Music, Filmmaking, Painting and even comics. And you’ll see that Indie artist are looked upon with respect. Now, you can see I left off one branch of art out of the group, which is literature.

            Let’s face it, when it comes to embracing INDIE, Authors and Publishers thumb their noses down on Self-Published writers. Who like an unknown band is playing and disturbing their content online. Still, a musician would garner more respect from other mainstream artist, than any self-published author.

            Now why would a self-publish author face more heat and disrespect from fellow artist who seek to trash and destroy their reputation? Well, the grand excuse for Publishers and some Authors is that Self-Publishers will ruin the art and destroy the business… is that right? Well, I’ve seen some self-pub film-makers and bands step into the circle and actually help boost the art value of their field. And yes, the bands without a label, the film maker without a company who post their own content online are just as the Self-Published author. They’re going it alone, without a brand, trying to make their work stand out from the herd. Do I hear anyone cast stones, no, they welcome it with open arms.

            So, how is it that Publishers and Authors want to degrade and destroy the self-published image?  Again they claim the art has to be held to high standards free from dumbing down and making their art less. Which is laughable, this from an industry that gave Snookie a book deal, a talent less hack, whose great achievement was taking a punch in the face and making an ass of herself to earn a little ounce of fame.

            When an industry begins to turn a blind eye on true talent,  just to make a quick buck, there’s something wrong with it and it’s not the self-published artist fault, that’s for sure.

            Even with all their flaws, Publishers go out of their way to smear self-publishers, trying their hardest to make the readers & authors return back to them. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be working anymore. With J.K Rowling and Jackie Collins leaving their once publishers and taking arms in being their own company after years of being under the thumb of the once publishers. Making that simple act become the almighty blow, in these changing times which publishers refuse to accept. In a way publishers are still stuck in the past, yes they’ve embrace the ebook but not in the way they really should. Because you see, this tool not only allowed them to sell, it allows all of us to sell and this is where they draw the line

              The big publishes want  control of who can and can not use this technology.  Which is not healthy for any art, claiming to stand by free thinking and that’s been a huge issue with me.

             BUT, even with all the head shaking, that hasn’t defeated the will of some hungry artist wanting to show the world they are here. Though that mere defiance has a price as some publishers go out of their way to blacklist author’s who dare try to undercut them. This is a fight that’s gone on for years.           

                       For example I was sixteen when I started to publish my own work for free on many sites. Even then I knew internet could open so many doors for me, even when some people told me it would lead to nowhere. With all the harsh words I carried on. And when a site like LULU.com came around I was stunned and happy as heck. This company would allow me to publish my work with no strings attached. A few days later, the big publishers spoke out on NBC NIGHTLY NEWS saying “ This is a format that will die, books will never be replaced, anyone wasting their time with this is a joke, Lulu.com isn‘t helping the industry, they are hurting it.” Now fast forward, LULU.com is still around and they’re not alone. Amazon, B&N and Smashwords are joining side by side to help who? Not big publishers, SELF-PUBLISHED AUTHORS! :O Crazy right? I mean, don’t they know that the  integrity of literature is at stake, what’s their game, they must be doing this for fast easy money…oh wait, the publishers already did that when they signed Snookie to a book deal.

            It’s sites like those that understand the value of letting art speak for itself. Yes, there are some really bad books. But so do Publishers. Walk into any book store and you’ll find some god awful crap in there, just it‘s said, well publishers at least take their time to edit the work, in the end that just makes it well edited crap.

            The hate that Self-Published get is just from spoiled greedy men and women who want it all and don’t want anyone else to say such words. They’re out of touch, they’re out of date with the times. No artist should hold their head down, be it self-published. In a way, when it comes to literature, there’s more egotistic and brainless fools who think they know it all, when they themselves could never create art, only art from a can.

              It’s sad, because with such an art form that can paint a picture in your head with just a few words, you would never imagine they could be so shallow for fame.

            I encourage all artist young or experienced, if you feel you can expand your creation into different fields, then self-pub. Forget the old stigma that it must be through publishing or it doesn’t exist. Because in their eyes, if it doesn’t sell thousands of copies it will never exist, well maybe not to them, but to the reader it will.

            I’ve had my say and now it’s time for me to go. One love, my friends. J




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