New Free Reads Coming Soon?

Three new reads are coming out August. Here’s the quick listing 😀 AND one of them is from my first upcoming NOVEL!!!! 😀 You will be blown away!!!


If you haven’t read the first ELFEN LIED part shame on you 😀 but this baby is just a little something to work on, while I have some free time. But the word about this project has been off the walls 😀 I’ll be working on the next chapter soon, hopefully if all goes well I can publish two at the same time. Stay tune!


I’ve told you about this a long time ago, well get ready! The novel that started it all, will be hitting my front page once more! If you love sci-fi, then this baby is for you! If anything, it’ll be a month to month chapter 😀


Yes, that is the title for my first novel! So, what is it doing out so soon? Well, that’s because I’ll be treating you guys to seven random passages to my novel. Call it a teaser to the teaser. 😀 because that’s how freaking cool I am.

All these titles will be launching on August. Can you wait, CAN YOU 😉 I hope so, because it is worth the wait.


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