Three New Blogs To Check Out

This hasn’t been done in a long ass time, but it’s here! 😀 I’m linking with three new blogs I think you need to check out .

I ran into this young artist on twitter and found her blog to be a treat. She does some amazing Q& A with fellow artist, picking their brains, getting to know them one and one. It really puts a smile on my face to see my youth out there working hard to stand behind the name INDIE. Sending this girl some one love and all the best wishes as she continues down the road.

I really hope Zoe continues her blog for years to come, because what starts off small eventually expands to the world. 

Ren is define in the JESSE MADE DICTIONARY AS: bad ass, wicked, carebears in honey, cool, NUFF SAID!! 😀 This is another must see site. It’s filled with pages of reviews, news and personal insight into one artist mind. If you don’t visit this site, it pretty much means you like to eat baby kittens and feed off their souls. CHECK IT OUT NOW!

If you want to get your horror freak on, this is the site for you. It’s got old trailers from the films and reviews from one man’s insight. And, I can proudly say, I’ll checking out a few films that were up for review. Don’t past on this, save it, read it, enjoy it!


Take the time and check out all these blogs, don’t miss out. Be cool, don’t be a tool!




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