Artist Uncensored: Will I Be Voting This Year?

Will I be voting this year??? The answer to that is no!

I’ve seen the candidates, I’ve heard their stands on which way to lead America and frankly I’m not buying it. Obama stands for change, Romney stands for change, everyone wants change… but what kind of changes? They say, they want to help all of America… but that’s not true.

Obama came in promising so much and in the end he’s turn into our worst nightmare. He’s passed and is backing bills that threaten to take away our freedoms. One of the bills being the NDAA act which allows  the US Government to imprison US citizen without due process, IF the Government finds them to be threat to national security.  And now also comes news that he’s backing away from the CISPA bill, saying he’ll make it clear he’s against it but will still sign it. WTF! That’s like me saying coke is bad, then pouring a straight line on your kitchen table to snort.

My biggest dislike now stems from the Bradley Manning wiki-leaks. For a President who campagined on ” doing the right thing.” He surely has the knack of throwing those people in jail. I have lost whatever faith I had in Obama and that’s really a shame.

Then we have Mitt Romney, his party didn’t trust him of being a hardcore right wing. So like a teenage girl under peer presuure he decides to sell himself cheap and fast, giving up his true motvies in the process.  BUT, despite that Romney will bring change… not change for the struggling 99% but for his good buddies the 1%. And he’ll take away freedoms faster than we can blink and push the agenda for WAR ( because war makes money people ) Either way you look, you’re going to get shanked from each side.

For those who say ” Jesse, there’s always Ron Paul as the best choice for change.” I say to you ” shut the fuck up”  Ron gave himself away a few months ago quicker than a groupie at a concert.

Now are my words meant to dissuade you from voting, of course not!  This is just me letting my voice be heard. I am still a true Democrat, but I won’t be one who follows  the herd  to play the game of ” my team is better than yours” there’s too much at stake, too many lives that depend on us to do the right thing. But how can we do the right thing, when the people we elect are in bed with Banks, Oil Companies and Arm Dealers.

So this 2012 I will not be voting for anyone.

~Jesse Abundis

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