Time To Take Freedom Back

The internet is a tool of freedom of speech; this is what the 1% fear the most. Mainstream media has been bought and paid for, there’s no truth in what they report…now with their focus falling on the internet.. a new battle is waging, the fight to kill freedom of speech.




These are the names of evil and tools that are being used to choke the life of freedom. The people using them are the 1% and corrupt Governments who want to hide their lies and dirty deeds from the world. They say they know what’s best for you and I, but my, what a big lie. All was well for them, when no one spoke up, now that the 99% refuse to take anymore, they seek to crush freedom and the voice behind it.


I urge you to stand up friends and take back the last tool of freedom, don’t waste sitting on your hands doing nothing. If we give up the internet, then we give up everything.


#OWS  managed to make its voice loud & clear and stopped the hands of main stream media of drowning its voice because of one simple thing.. the INTERNET… I’m pleading to all my artist, friends and readers to step up the effort of taking back what’s ours. March, blog, video tape the truth… but whatever you do ” DON”T GIVE UP” I’m telling you now that everything we’ve fought for will die if we do nothing.


This message is to wake you up, because I am tired of the artist who does nothing hoping everything will be alright, I’m tired of the world not seeing the danger that lies ahead. Time to wake up friends, time to make a stand, it’s time to defy censorship in all its forms.


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