The Fart Club

No, this isn’t the name of Chuck Palahniuk sequel to FIGHT CLUB. The Fart Club is s secretive little group among some of the higher ups in the UK, most recognizable would be George Osborne, one of UK politicians.

Now what is the Fart Club you ask? Well, the name really says it all, but if you need more inside detail then lets go deeper into the rabbit hole. It seems members of these Fart Clubs , which are other elite men in the UK, past wind in a closed off room, then one of the other members must walk into that said room and sniff the air, trying to put a face to the gas that had been passed.

If you ever wonder what the leaders of your country were doing on the free time, well now you know.

If you still don’t believe me, then do yourself the favor and Google “ George Osborne Fart Club.”   Below I’ve added Max Keiser, the man who brought this dark gassy secret to light, talking about this Fart Club on his show on  the Keiser Report, a must see if you haven’t checked it out yet.

What do you think of this, is it shocking, do you not care, does this disturb you? Weigh in at the bottom and debate. But remember, rule number 1, no talks about Fart Club, you may smell it but you can not talk about! Till next time, stay gassy my friends.


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