Music Creates The Madness

Music, a lot of Authors don’t like to admit it, but I shall. Music creates the madness. It’s the soundtrack that lets our inner beast to run into areas it’s never been before. The soundtrack you create for your own story, allows your mind to relax, take a deep breath when you’ve run into that mighty brick wall in writing, it aids you to think outside the box.


I’ve heard the old saying ” Classic helps the mind” to that I’ll politely tell you to fuck off and jump off a bridge. NO, the music you need to hear, is the music that calls out to you – maybe it is classic, then don’t drop off a bridge- For example, my novel DARKLY DREAMING had these two songs play a major rule for its creation

And my sisters of the North Mad June

Now of course what worked for me, might not feed your fuel, case in point my outburst on CLASSIC music. This is why the soundtrack you play, is the soundtrack that needs to call out to you. It needs to rattle your soul, it needs to pump your blood for the page you yearning to create.

Just like film, the author does need a soundtrack for the madness. This shouldn’t come as a shock to many, in fact music my dear friends makes the world go around. So, listen, pump the volume and create madness that dances to a tune 😉

One Love



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