Bringing Back The LNSA

I never got the chance to finish the LNSA ( Los Ninos Sin Alma ) it was a creation I thought of 7 years ago. I was still finding my place in writing. I had big plans for the series, this was the only novel I wanted breathe and sleep. It was a very long storyline, it dealt in the 24 hour clock, one in present time and the other dating three days before the big horrific scene that takes place in New York, which the 1st chapter starts off in the mere seconds after. But the series spanned into 6 books if you can present and past, it was such an undertaking.

Of course I came to a halt, because of some major issues in life that left me searching for something new and that of course led to The Perfect Woman -coming out 2013- But after that, I never thought of the series again. In a way it was good thing, because I ended up finding this new side to me.

Readers did enjoy the series, some wanted more and just having the chance to re-release this to them again is a plus, and another new group of readers is just amazing. I do plan to make some changes here and there, but all in all, the series will remain as before.

It feels kinda strange to bring this old series from the grave, I really didn’t think I would revisit the series but as they always say “Never say Never”

The series will be free, it will come debut on my site and it’ll be a month to month chapter read. Here’s hoping you guys take the chance to discover the LNSA once more.


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