By: Jesse Abundis

Call me a fool
Call me a loser
Call me a bastard without spine
Saying such hateful things that pop into your mind
Just cause I don’t cheat and lie
Just cause I don’t slit someone throat
For every single dime
You don’t know me
You just want to use me
For your dirty games
For your dirty lies
Yet you cast every stone at me
Just cause I walk the righteous path
Living a life with no shame
No guilt
No looking behind my back
To see the grim reaper standing beside my shoulder
Sorry if this hurts you
But I’m trying my best to move on into this world
Be who I want to be
Not who you demand me to be
Now step aside, son
I got a life to live
I got dreams to make real
You go back to your dirty life
Until you drown in your own personal hell.


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