A few days back, comedian Daniel Tosh was doing stand-up at the Laugh Factory. He was starting to make a “rape joke” when a women in the crowd began to shout at him “rape isn’t funny, you shouldn’t say that, it’s wrong!” Of course if you’ve seen Tosh’s standup he fires back at people who want to ruin the show, so he turned to the women and said ” Wouldn’t it be funny if five guys raped you?”

That comment alone sent this women into a fit of rage, she took to her blog, twitter, everything she could to bash Dainel Tosh.

We know rape is a sensitive issue for any artist that takes on the matter, sometimes one wrong move and you’ll get a fire storm.Now, should’ve Daniel Tosh just not make a “rape joke” at all? No, he has the right to crack a joke at any subject. Should he apologize for what he said? ” FUCK NO!”

First, he did nothing wrong. Everything done in film, music, writing, comic books and even stand-up is fiction. No one gets harmed and I’ve heared the argument ” You applaud rape when you create things in that nature.” If that’s true, then every movie you watched that contained ” action, blood, sex, gore, suicide, cheating spouse, killing of children, killing of animals, racist joke, racist joke against gays” you too are in favor of, see how stupid that sounds?

Artist aren’t monsters for creating the dark side of life, in fact it shows how open we are to take on the matter, we’re not narrowed minded and we can take joke. Will people embrace it? Some might and some might not, but it’s how it goes, can’t change that.

Now, should’ve Daniel Tosh said that to the women ” five guys rapping her?” no, you just don’t give people like that fuel to burn. It’s a big ‘ no no’ because I’m not quite trusting the woman own actions, why did she have to make a scene? Couldn’t she just simply walk out and then blog, no she had to make this big scene to get everyone looking at her. That just screams 15 mins of fame and a bitter hate for Tosh.

And with people like that, you just can’t win, they’ll hound you to the bitter end, as I was with one of my stories FAIRY GODMOTHER, did I apologize? Hell, no. My art, my rules. If it bothers you turn around and walk away.

And this is a lesson all artist need to learn, create what’s in your mind, don’t let other censor your creativity. If they bash, so be it. But they’ll be others who’ll love your work, no matter what.


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