Artist Uncensored: Get Over Your Perspective ( Carolyn Brajkovich)

I really don’t get it. It’s incredible that disagreement brings out the worst in people. If there’s ever a time to look at things from a different perspective, then this would be such a time. Is it so hard to believe that there is more than one way of looking at things, especially when you consider that there are over 7 billion people on this planet? Before any of us makes a comment on anything, we should think about that. We have a right to our own opinion, but so does everyone else.


In the past few days, I saw a couple of public comments that started with the words, “It offends me because you…” If you’re on the Internet, then these comments come in thick, but seem to originate from people with pretty thin skin. The word “offends” is a pretty strong slap, especially when it’s slamming your own personal opinion on top of another’s.


For example, I used the words “crimes against humanity” when commenting on a New York Times piece covering the Libor scandal. Another reader chose to be “offended” because he thought that I was taking that idea too far, because it didn’t inflict real physical pain like a crime such as child rape or genocide would. Frankly, I beg to differ after watching the physical devastation being wrought from the rigged global financial system. Suicides, beatings, torture, disrespect, prejudice, intolerance, and the many negative –isms that are tearing apart our global civilization are the direct results of unequal financial distribution. The physical pain inflicted is indeed on the global masses who are being forced into modern-day serfdom to support a failing social system. Seems like the perfect definition of a crime against humanity to me (here’s a legal definition for comparison).


Another friend whose blog I’m writing on has been attacked by a reader who did not like his depiction of a fairy godmother. Yes, perhaps if you grew up with the Disney version, then you would be shaken by Jesse’s portrayal. And yet both are right if you were to look into the history of fairytales. Fairytales were once dark and ominous, completely unlike those that many of us grew up with. Are both right? Are both wrong? They actually just are. Their messages reside in their impact upon us. We’re all different, and so we all have different perspectives. Some understand darkness while others only understand light. The world contains both because they’re both necessary to the whole picture.


So, here’s a comment from a creative person, or maybe it’s more of a plea. OPEN YOUR MIND. See past your own perspective and look at every situation from multiple angles. It’s a way to get the full picture and perhaps even learn something new in the process. And whatever you do, don’t force your perspective on another, perhaps even demanding apologies when someone else sees things differently. It’s called being human. No one has the exact same thoughts or feelings


Putting out your own work to a public forum is downright terrifying. Those who do are taking a chance at getting shot down by others, as much as they are hoping to be supported by others. Creativity in all of its forms is an integral part of humanity. It allows for multiple perspectives that when added together educates us about the vibrancy and despair of life. If you disagree with someone, then choose your words wisely and think your thoughts thoroughly. On places like the Internet, just like the world outside of your door, there are millions of perspectives which won’t all agree with you. None of them are right or wrong. They are personal impressions. Considering how torn up our world is at the moment, do we need to use words like “offend” like a blunt instrument? How about we agree to disagree, and maybe learn something from one another that makes us all just a little bit better?


Carolyn Brajkovich

Twitter: CSBraj

Email: carolyn@cbrajwrite.comCreative Inspirations blog: http://cbrajkovich.comTechnical Communications: http://www.cbrajwrite.comUrban Times correspondent:


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