I came, I saw, I conquered!

Yes, today I stood in line to watch the last and final Christopher Nolan take on the Batman franchise ” THE DARK KNIGHT RISES”

I was a fan of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and my mind could only wonder how Mr.Nolan could end this story in a way that’s never been done before?

I had a lot of ideas as how it might end, but boy, was I freaking wrong and this is what the film does so well. You have no clue what you’re getting yourself into!

I won’t spoil anything, because after all what’s the fun in that? I’ll just sum up what I thought of the film. First, we see the grand lie of The Dark Knight take its tool on the characters, and I mean characters, Jim Gordon is a mess, his life is in shambles. Bruce has cut himself from the outside world and poor Alfred is left with the guilt of knowing he has crippled the boy Thomas & Martha counted on to protect.

Now, the only issue I have is that film does jump quickly through the story for the 1st half, if anything this film should have been 25min longer just to do it justice.

Hathaway as Catwoman is epic, she steals the show whenever she’s on screen. Tom Hardy as Bane is mind blowing, they did tweak his voice which made me a tad sad, but still his cold ruthlessness is chilling when he kills people without thinking twice and the first fight between him and Batman is off the charts. You even have the urge to yell at Batman to play dead to stop the beatdown.

Joseh Gordon-Levitt steals our hearts with his role as Thomas Blake, he’s the one whose willing to fight crime without a mask.

This is a film where Bruce Wanye no longer wants the mask, even though he wears it to fight Bane, he no longer has that drive to be the BATMAN.

This film feels like a war movie, and it is, with Bane pulling the middle and lower class to wage war on the rich and I bloody love that, art imitating life. In a way each film brings something new, because each one jumps into Gotham at different times. This franchise will be talked about for many years to come.

What would I change, add more time, but that’s all. This film doesn’t give us an easy fix, it pushes the storyline of a broken hero that must rise to save a city.

my rating for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES 9.5 out 10


2 thoughts on “THE DARK KNIGHT RISES review

  1. I loved the ending too. It was definitely unexpected but so great! That’s what I love about Christopher Nolan, he’s always 3 steps ahead of me and I can never guess where he’s gonna take me. I loved Hathaway as Catwoman too. I think she’s been the best in the role so far and really made it believable. I felt the same way about Tom Hardy (but you know I’m already a huge fan of him and his wonderful brit accent). I was pissed in This Means War when Reese Witherspoon chose Chris Pine? Really? I love Chris Pine too, but hands down, Tom Hardy was the winner in that movie. Okay, I digress but I’m still fuming over that one… She needed to be clocked on the head.

    I loved Joseph Gordon Levitt too. Never used to be a fan of his until Inception. Now I am totally digging him. He was powerful in this role and I almost cheered him on more than Batman because he believed in that city so much and you could tell he had his own inner deamons he had already battled. He was dark yet the lightness prevailed. Yes! Such a great character.

    My only complaint is they set it up for a sequel yet Nolan’s not doing anymore? What? Can’t we lynch him for that? We need more!!! I want more crying Bane, I want more havoc, and I definitely need to see what the hell happened to Scarecrow!!!

    You’re right–it felt like a war movie full of heart and soul. That’s always mind blowing to witness.

    Thanks for your review. I was dying to hear what you thought of it. Yay! Love comparing notes with you. I look forward to talking more about future movies with you. And on that note… Are you planning to see Total Recall when it comes out? Did you like the original? Do tell, Jesse. I love hearing your take on it. πŸ˜€

    • I remember seeing Total Recall long long time ago lol still not sure if I will go see the remake, that’s a toss up, but we shall see. I might have to check the original, but it should be a sell since Philip K. Dick gave birth to idea πŸ˜€

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