Mainstream Is A Cancer

Today we’re not cheered for thinking, being ourselves, breaking outside the box. No, today we’re stoned for being different, we’re shamed for thinking outside the box. It shouldn’t be, but it’s how the world views art, views humanity, views an individual. Independent thought is the evil, it’s the “problem” with the down fall of the art world, which is utter bullshit. It’s not brave souls killing art, it’s mainstream, it’s the publishers who are in it for one purpose in life and that’s making $$$ no matter how much of their morals or beliefs they have to sell in the end. Then they force this way of thinking to other artist, forcing them to play the game or end up never being apart of the shallow and hallow group. Which I hope dies in the worst way, I know I won’t make any friends by saying that, but it’s true.

You have a mainstream world, which offers nothing but brainless thinking artist, who smile and bend over on command. It’s insane, you have to ask yourself whatever happened to the artist, does that word mean nothing at all. I guess in a way it doesn’t anymore. Because in today’s world, if you’re brainless and make an ass of yourself the world is handed to you, but if you make the world think, they cast their stones and say ” how dare you make us think.” Mainstream only offers more cash, but it offers nothing to the world, nothing to open the eyes of the generation to come. Mainstream is the real cancer, it’s killing art, it’s underselling what it is and how important it is to the world.

I see a lot of artist today just acting a part, so full of themselves, so willing to obey, so willing just to sell out. It sickens me. We shouldn’t have to get on our knees and sell out our dignity, art speaks for itself. Another thing that just has me shaking my head, is other artist attacking others just to derail careers, it’s the lowest thing anyone can do, you can’t call yourself an artist if you sink that low, you should be tossed out to sea with the other shallow assholes and be forced to eat each other, I know that’s harsh, but it does piss me off. You have no right to kill a dream of another just to put your own desire ahead. Art is an open field, let everyone play, if you can’t handle that, then don’t create. Again this is all the Mainstream teaching, it’s built on this moral, crush the new comers force the world to only turn to the big Publishers.

My only advice I can give younger artist is stick with your own thoughts, don’t let others change who you are, try not to fall in the mainstream disease, never forget where you came from, never forget why you took up to create art.


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