The Dark Sea

Do the scars on me

Make me less of anything

Can’t find me

Can’t seem to find my footing under me

So I’m crashing harder than before

This seems strange to me

But I know this pain is meant for me

I am a broken

Just a broken bag of glass

All I hear

Is people saying

Don’t waste your breath

Just walk away from me

Just let go

Just let me sink

To the bottom of the sea

No one wants to take

No one wants to undestand

No seems to see me

Don’t waste your breath  

My words will always confuse

My words will always make head’s shake

So I’m meant to fall alone

So I’m meant to be alone

You won’t understand

Don’t waste your breath

Don’t waste time

Only if I mean

Only if I mean something

Only if I have somewhere in that home of yours

Here I’ll wait

At the bottom of this lonely sea


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