Writing Truth

When it comes to writing fiction, people assume everything has to be a formula of what we’ve seen on tv and read in a book. But that’s not true, fiction thrives on one thing, truth.

Truth of your experience, truth of your lost, your pain. That’s what makes great fiction. In a way you’re baring your soul, showing people what you suffered through, but you mask that history with the characters you create, having them relive those dark times, adding your doubts, fear into them. And that’s the reason a lot of readers end up connecting with them, because they’ve been there, they felt that, it’s a breath of fresh air for them to know that they’re not alone in that pain or those thoughts that keep them awake at night.

If you’re writing without that truth, then your just not really writing, you haven’t begun to write in your life. Telling the truth, really writing it on paper is never easy, because a lot of people don’t want to be looked at differently, they want to seem normal, but what is normal, normal is just something we say to think that normal can really exist…but do we really want to be normal, art would have no soul if it was normal. It would be dull, it would be a waste of time.

Artist shouldn’t be scared to walk that line. The truth of your life, is what a lot people want to read.

Truth is fiction, fiction is truth.


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