Just Write It

There’s a lot of things of writers don’t do, but the biggest gripes of all is not following their own path. What do I mean by this? It’s seeing a lot of artist not follow their own direction because you have mainstream telling them it’s not the trend of the week. Frankly, that just pisses me off.

Have we as artist fallen victim to trend, where we base everything around it, even independent thought. Today we don’t see artist taking a risk, writing whatever the hell they want, no we see artist to scared to walk out of the line just because of the backlash they’ll face from, believe it or not, other authors. People who are too lost in trend, they can’t see the bullshit they are writing.

If anything, authors today have made themselves to be the most ignorant, low-life, shallow mother fuckers around. Pardon my choice of words, but it’s true. If anything, writers yearn for the past, that they end up just hurting their own art.

If the artist and publishers today open their minds to ” trend doesn’t have to be followed ” then the world would be better a place.

In the end, just write what you want, don’t go by trend, or what people are forcing you to do. Be your own person and you’ll see all is good.


One thought on “Just Write It

  1. Hey Jesse, I think you’ve got a good point here. Having the courage to write the book you want to write, regardless of whether or not your novel is following the trend of the moment, is huge and is a tremendous asset to an author in today’s growing indie market. I think people should write what inspires them, even if it goes along with a trend or even if it doesn’t, because ultimately, that’s what’s going to make for a better book.

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