Amazon saying no to Author on Author reviews

Well Amazon has taken a hard stance on Author on Author reviews in these recent months, so much that they have taken to bring them down. Now I kinda get where Amazon is going with this, they want the word of mouth coming from the readers not by other authors who might be giving a positive review when there shouldn’t be one. This is their way of keeping the playing ground fare. But that’s kinda a lie in itsef coming from Amazon.

A lot of authors have spoken out why their reviews of other popular books haven’t been struck down, in their eyes we’re apart of the industry, so why not ban the reviews of those books. And that’s where the biggest gripe lies in this new tactic of theirs. It’s not keeping it fare when your only gunning for indie artist.

This new stance can be pushed either to kill sales or drive the indie artist out of Amazon. Either way this is a step towards censorship, one that no one needs.

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5 thoughts on “Amazon saying no to Author on Author reviews

  1. Where the heck have I been? Writing and watching Walking Dead, I suppose… I checked my reviews to see if my friend, another Indie author, still had her review up on my book. It was still there. Is this a random thing they’re doing? I wonder how they even know which reviews are by authors? I suppose they have some way to check that by author profiles. How silly? Why destroy what little we have when we struggle to get people to even take a chance on our work. How sad…

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I hope Amazon gets over themselves soon. Who reads books more than authors? That’s what we DO. What a ridiculous policy. They’re just overreacting to that fake review scandal by taking a step completely in the wrong direction. So … kudos to them for trying to fix the problem, but they probably should have figured out what the problem was first.

    • I agree, Amazon took one wrong and made it out to a witch hunt. Hopefully they’ll let it go and let the readers speak out.

      Thanks for reading 🙂 giving your blog a follow.

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