Jesse Speaks: Films, Books, Video Games Are Not To Blame For Violence

The Aurora Shooting, The New Town massacre. Events that have left many people shaken, events that has started to push people to ask the question who is to blame?

My answer would be the arms manufacture. I think if you want to end many countless deaths, you must shut them down, take away their billions and then you’ll see a much peaceful world.

But that’s never going to happen, not when money is being made, it’s like every trend in the world. You just don’t kill a cash cow. That’s the honest truth, because no matter how violent the crime, if money is made, it will always out weigh that moment in time. So, how do we solve this problem? Easy, you blame something else, something that’s easier to attack, something that has always be under fire the moment it said it’s first words. That my friend is the art world.

A lot authors might say ” Video games are not art, blah blah.” Shut the fuck up, the story, the time they take to create that world, the team that poured their blood and sweat, it’s art. Enough said.

Literature was fun to burn back in the days when it was deemed as rotting the young minds, Comic books were to blame in the 40’s, Movies came after, and now it’s video games from the 90’s till now. Just because there’s a few guns and bombs here and there. Are they to blame for the worlds problems? No, not even close.

Fiction always tells the ugly truth around us, in a way film, books, games are showing the true face of the world, in their own different ways. There’s a billion film watchers, million of video game players, million of book readers if they were linked to violence, well the world would be mighty empty around us.

President Obama & Vice Biden have come out that they are looking for the harmful effects Movies and Games have on people. And this pisses me off, because the witch hunt is on, instead of fire, they use something called ” Censorship ”

With the events that have happened and the more people seek to have a face to the problem, I wonder how many artist will cave and just simply censor themselves. Which shouldn’t be, we’ve come so far in life, that to be told to write what is deemed acceptable is just soul crushing, because once we give into Censorship, the art we love will never be the same, because they’ll take more and more until we forget who we are.

Art is not to blame for the fault of the arm dealers that deal in death, and I hope as one we stand together and take a stand against any censorship that should try to take our freedom to write and create away.

We were hunted down once by the church for thinking outside the box long ago, I never want to see that happen again.

~ Jesse Abundis


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