Reboots For Books?

Reboots, it’s done on everything we know. Film, music but they call them cover songs, comic books, hell even in video games. But what about literature? Is it time we had a reboot of a classic series, Harry Potter, Net Force my fave series growing up, which I would scream reboot till my lungs ran dry, or even our own work?

Now sometimes reboots work, Christopher Nolan Batman series, Devil May Cry franchise. And sometimes they’re the worst thing to happen! But the question remains, are reboots meant for books?

I’m not sure how I would feel if someone wanted to do a reboot on one of my works, maybe joyful because they loved it so much that they want to keep my world alive and another part wanting to crack their heads with a pipe for trying to touch my work…so it’s safe to say I’m 50/50 on this idea.

If your name is on the book, giving you credit and some of the earnings go to you, I can see where some authors might go with the idea. And another factor that lies with this is genre, what can you, and what can you not reboot on? Sci-fi, yes, Superhero, yes, Thriller, yes, Action, yes, Military, yes, Romance, maybe, ertoica, no.

I think it comes down to authors, and how willing they are to have someone retouch their work in a different light, or even publishers who can see a way in making money in a franchise that still has life.

Will we see reboots in books? I don’t think we’ll see that anytime soon, do I believe we should have reboots, it all depends on the genre, am I in favor of reboots, I wouldn’t mind it, only if the author gives the go ahead.

What do you think, should reboots ever happen in Literature, give us your two cents, debate, I’ll be here to talk 🙂


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