What’s up 2013?

Yes, I think I covered what books I’m going to publish this year, but what about the other projects!? Well, let’s do a rundown shall we πŸ˜€

1ST LOS NINOS SIN ALMA ( The Children Without Souls )

This was one of my first novels to plug around many writiing sites. This April it’s coming back as a monthly read only on my site and a free download on Lulu.com Fun right? You bet your ass it is.

The story is about a group of engineered super soldiers thought to be dead over ten years ago, but when NY is blown to ashes on New Years Eve the world and the shadows lurking in the world will have to face off with the L.N.S.A. But the war is only a fraction of the bigger picture surrounding this world.

2nd Bang Bang Blame, Saint Valentine, Fairy Godmother, Love Is Brutal, True Romance and The Child all in one

Yes, I’ve written a lot of short stories in my time and I figured it’s time they all got wrapped up in a nice little book for all to read. FOR FREE! I plan to release this beauty around September, so hope you guys download that baby on Lulu.com as well!

3rd Jesse & Runt Comics

Yes, I tend to draw some bizarre comics and my first comic Jesse & Run are coming back this July with Issue 0, 1, 2 hitting my site on July 1. Then after you should see One or two comics monthly.

4Th History Lesson with Jesse

That’s right, you’re getting the true drawn facts of what happened in historical events…history will never be the same. That’s coming out October on Youtube!

5th Project “zero”

Zero is a sci-fi comic I’m hoping to create Winter of 2013 or Summer of 2014. This series will blow your mind, I am writing the project as we speak, here’s what I can say about it

The story takes us beyond the normal views of life after death. And the fight happening in front of our eyes without even knowing.

That’s all I can say, more info this summer!

So, out of those projects which one are you dying to see! comment below and hit me up on twitter!



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