Jesse Talks: Batman

I’ve always been influenced by Batman. Ever since I was a kid, I remember watching Tim Burtons BATMAN, which I think was not meant for me at the time, I was around 5 or 4. But I fell in love with the character, guy dresses up as a bat, putting fear into thugs. Watching that, changed things forever. Because after that, I wanted to be in Bruce Wayne/Batman shoes, fighting crime and kicking ass, of course the Bat Mobile was a must, you gotta have that bitchen car!

As I grew older, I started to follow the comics deeply and I think one of all my favorite storyline is the Long Hallowen, hats of to Tim Sales and Jeph Loeb, they carried where Frank Miller left after Year One. To follow in those footstep, just bravo. I would have loved to be apart of that crew when the storyline was being hashed out. I for one would have added more Joker.

And it’s no suprise, my favorite villain in the franchise is the clown prince The Joker. He’s always been the BAD GUY of the series. The man has no backstory, he’s just a giant ball of chaos, his motives aren’t for greed, just purely out of random. He’s that kinda guy your not sure if he’ll give you a million dollars or kill you, he might do both.

But the Joker is hands down a writers wet dream. How can you not just lose yourself in this giant of a character. If they ever told me to do a Batman Novel, there’s no freaking way I’m leaving the joker out.

A lot of people ask, who did Batman more justice. I want to say Frank Miller because he did give the franchise it’s balls back after it was nearly at the edge of no return. But, I’ll have to go with Christopher Nolan.

Nolan gave us a real life Batman, one we can just relate to. His trilogy will be remembered for a very long time. And Nolan also showed the world, that comic movies can be taken seriously and the comic world has him to thank. Without him, there wouldn’t be an Avengers movie right now.

With the years that have passed, Batman story is always changing and that’s the beauty of it. Anyone can make Batman their own, it’s hard to do that with other characters. No matter how many years past, Batman will always continue to change and adapt to the Era. That’s what makes Batman the best character OF ALL TIME!

~ Jesse Abundis


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