How Much Should An Ebook Cost?

Ebooks became the worst nightmare to big publishers but became the dreams of authors. It gives us the tool to distribute our work easily and faster. Ebooks cost hardly nothing to be made, they’re just a saved copy of the file that was uploaded.

Whem it comes to ebooks, big publishers still want you to pay paperback or hardcover price for it, that in itself is just idiotic. I see where they’re trying to make a profit, but they would win people more if the price was dropped $2. Gain those readers back by giving them a fair offer.

The pricing plays a big key factor with a lot of indie authors as well. How much should people pay for an ebook?

If you’ve written a short story that doesn’t go over 90 pages, that story should cost no more than 99cents. It might sound rude to say that, but a short story takes less time to edit and format. If it’s under 30 pages slap a free sticker on it. I’ve seen a lot of authors trying to sell short stories for $4.99 which I hope to God no one ever has to pay for it.

If you’ve created a full blown Novel, well that’s were pricing becomes an issue. Some people fight over the 99 cents vs 2.99 pricing. Many authors say putting your novel at 99 cents lowers the vaule of your work, and that $2.99 adds respect and confidence to it. Yeah, I bought a few books that were $2.99 that should of gone for free.

Honestly I wouldn’t think less of an artist work if it was 99cents, in my head I’ll be thinking ” never read this person work before wouldn’t hurt to try it out.” In a way you’re luring the reader in and if there’s a sample on it, well then without a doubt I’m paying for it.

Am I bashing the 2.99ners? No because both price ranges are ideal for new authors. It all comes down to marketing, if an author has promoted the hell out of their work then 2.99 is alright by me, if you didn’t go all out on your work then 99 cents helps with gaining those readers!

How about $3.99? If this is your first book, yeah that’s asking way too much. I would only go higher if this was your 3rd or 2nd book and people began to get familiar with your work. Beyond that, I wouldn’t go there, it’s just a good way of isolating yourself from reaching other potential fans.

Always keeep in my mind readers love a mind blowing story and a good price, so give them both and you’ll see them come back for more. And let’s not forget Amazon offers those free downloads events for your novel, use them wisely, don’t toss one ever month, make it a moment to remember when you do the free download event!

That was my two cents on the ebook price war. Add your thoughts below and let us know what you think an ebook should cost!



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