Jesse Talk’s: The Power Of Youtube

I don’t ever want to hear indie can’t make a name for itself. That is the biggest lie in mankind that’s ever been told. Why, look no further than YouTube. The breeding ground for indie in all forms.

Take for instant SMOSH

This started off as two teens making random music video parodies from their family’s home. Few months later those simple random videos got those teens over one million hits. Let’s fast forward ten years and now they have over 2 Billion views on their youtube channel. Think about that, 2 Billion, kids who just did what they loved and now have made a career out of it. Proving to a whole world out there, that INDIE can stand alone and bring better entertainment than Hollywood can ever muster.

A lot of artist are given shit for walking alone and refusing to fall in line with the so-called ” traditional way” But the traditional way is sometimes so muddle with censorship, politics, and ass kissing that it makes it hard for anyone to let their work been seen or just break ground. It’s the rule ” We decided who breaks new ground” Which is utter bullshit.

Youtbe became that voice that allowed the artist to expand and break new ground. To this day, I will praise youtube, because even with big Hollywood trying to control it, it still remains a home for Indie.  A lot of people might say ” Well there’s a lot of pointless crap on Youtube.”  Same goes for Hollywood, TV and radio, yet somehow they still funded. I’m looking at you CBS.  

But among the big sea of Youtube, there are some hidden gems that just blow your mind away. And that’s where YOUTUBE beauty just shines, it can make any starving artist into the next big thing. It’s  not about flash, it’s about storytelling and new ideas.

So I tell you right now, never undersell the power of Indie. For all artist, I say take a stab, jump into the water, you never know what’s out there.  Youtube is our home, not Hollywood’s, ours!

Comment below, tell me about your favorite channel, or even plug your own work.



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