Zoe Harrington Interviews me

This past week I was interviewed by the lovely Zoe Harrington. I had a great time and a blast taking part in it. I talk about the Perfect Woman and a few projects that I’m releasing by this summer. Hope you guys take the time to visit and comment on her site. 😀


Here’s a quick teaser, read the full article at the link above. One love, friends.

574453_374021212642777_1542238883_n   Q: Tell us about yourself.

1 Me: What can I say, I’m just a guy, with a very active imagination, random, sometimes says the things that leave you a shock but in a good way, whose passionate in the things I believe in and will fight tooth and nail for. I’m nothing extraordinary, I’m just simply me. Maybe that’s not what the readers want to read, but do they want to read about someone with a high opinion of himself/herself? I wouldn’t. We get enough of that in our daily lives.

I’ve been writing for nearly 12 years, taken my lumps, met some wonderful people, and discovered a lot about myself through that time. I’ve never been shy to write whatever comes to mind, so when people ask me what genre I write, I just say all of it. I’m not someone that likes to stay in one place, I have to keep moving. It’s the only you expand your mind, and just discovered something new. That’s what life is all about.


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