JL Movie A No Go, Thank The Lord!



I can finally say it ” the JL movie is a no go!”  And I say it with a big fucking smile on my face. As a friend of mine and I were talking about, before this news even came to light ( hit  my pal on twitter ) http://twitter.com/creepycrow  That the JL would go to hell in a hand basket if it was ever made. We just couldn’t think of a way how they could all those superheros in one film without building up to it, and another part was that Batman didn’t need the JL, he had his own world and long long long line of storylines to keep the francise trucking for many years.

Now  WB and DC saw that with their own eyes after reading the script that was handed to them by Will Beall, writer of the tv show Castle and the newly released Gangerster Squad.  It seems the script was so bad, that both DC and WB aren’t even thinking of JL anymore!!! Sorry, but Will Beall, not a good choice to helm the JL script, they should have gone to Joanthan Noaln at release. Huge fuck up on their part. 

Some fan boys made be mad as hell, but I’m not one of them. The Creepycrow said it best when he stated “ They would have killed all the characters in one film” Strong valid point, because if the JL movie failed, Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Flash wouldn’t see a film for ten freaking years.

            Now only that, think of the non comic fans who would have walked in their, they would of been outraged, no setup, just a wam bam thank you ma’am kind of flick, no, sorry. JL isn’t a brainless action film WB.

The viewers would  turn their back on DC for so many years. And in the Marvel vs. DC war ( which I could careless about, if I get my favorite heroes on screen it’s all good! ) would have ended, with Marvel holding batman head on a plate.

            Where do I think they’ll go after this major set back, what they should of done in the first place and what I stated so many times on twitter, build Superman, give us a story like never before, let superman settle in his own world, he’s the Man Of Steel, tell us the epic and the downfall.

Give us a new Batman reboot, let’s dig deeper into the dark knight! Create another Bat world, let’s see Gotham through different eyes. Cause I just don’t to be told ” There’s Batman nuff said.” No, let me relate to this bastard, let me feel for him when he falls.

WB give us our classic heroes Man Of Steel and Batman. Then think of merging the two titans after they’ve made their name. Next step after that you bring your Flash, Wonder Woman , Green Lanter in the JL movie to give them their time in the sun. Cause with Batman and Superman already built, it puts less pressure in telling a huge story, it can be Batman and Superman forging a team together to fight the new evil Darkseid.


Let him kill Aquaman in the first ten seconds of the film

Let him kill Aquaman in the first ten seconds of the film


            Or if they want to take the Marvel shot, then start building Green Lantern , Flash and Wonder Woman right after Man Of Steel and  The Batman Reboot.

            I would be quite frank with you guys, I for one really don’t care for a JL movie. I know that sounds crazy, but I’m ok with Superman and Batman fighting in their own worlds, as long as they’re good and amazing, I don’t care what Marvel does, because in the end, a hero walks his journey on his own and that’s the story I want to see.

            Can WB and DC ever do a JL movie? Hell yes, but they need to get their storyline in place. Man Of Steel can be the stepping stone for it, they just need to come together and find a kick ass team of writers. WB should look for none another than Jonathan Nolan,  David Goyer and  Ben Affleck to write their films, hell even give Affleck a director spot for one of them. Set up the write  people ( pun attened)  and the rest will be easy as pie, because it’s the writer that ends up blowing your mind away, not the stars or CGI.

            I can’t wait to see where this ends up going. And what WB next step is. Again, I’m open to write the next batman script, just saying WB and DC, just saying.

ALSO just to let you know the Creepycrow and I are thinking of doing our own fan based film of the Dark Knight. Nothing in stone but we are talking 😀


Ok guys, time to weigh in, tell us what you think should happen, do you care? Let’s talk!


5 thoughts on “JL Movie A No Go, Thank The Lord!

    • That’s awesome man 😀 yeah, we’ll take all the help we can. Our major thing is bring our love of the series and crazyness to the table.

      Follow me on twitter @Jessenovels 🙂

    • But Batman’s got the major bad guys! Flash, not hating on him, but he doesn’t have the big story-arch as THE DARK KNIGHT!!! 😀 lol

      Talking about Flash, I was thinking of doing a youtube series on him, like short films, not a sure thing, but still looking to make DC fan made films.

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