Are We In An Era Of Self-Censorship ?

Have we come so far, just to fall so hard? I’ve taken notice with a lot of authors/artist who have taken to doing self-censorship. Which just puzzles the living crap out of me, why would anyone want to censor themselves? A few books, I won’t name titles nor authors, started a scene with a  man tie to the chair, when this characters was about to cut the finger off his victim the author just felt the need to cut off, then jump back in after everything was done.  This continued on through out the book.

            Another wouldn’t use full cuss words “ Mother…” that’s it, instead of just saying “ Mother fucker!”  One was published, the other was a self-published book. I can see where some publishers do lack the balls to just let a story play out in fear of upsetting “ readers“ which is code for “ Uptight assholes who watch nothing but hallmark“ But if you’re self-published and censoring yourself, that just gives me the urge to slap the living hell out of you. There’s no reason to hold back, as a self-published author you’re given more freedoms in what can be said and what can not. I just don’t see a lot of Indie authors taking advantage of that, maybe one day they will.

            The thing that still bugs me is that self-censorship is becoming of a bigger trend. With artist fearing to create because they think one angry asshole is the end of the world. Another part is because of what they see on TV, one-act violence and they assume that everything should be flowers and sunshine. Any act on violence on people isn’t called for, but nor does it call for letting fear run how we think. If you let fear rule you, then you’ll never be able to really live, you‘ve forced yourself into a cage that you‘ll only seek to do more harm than good.

            I think censorship should stay away from the art, let us create, and if the film, game, book or comic is too much to take, then the people have a choice to view it or not. When has being creative become a crime, why should one bad deed spoil life for the rest of us. If anything, art shows us the horrors and makes us rethink life in a grander scale, it gives clarity where clarity would have never been found if censorship had it’s way.

            I will leave you with this, censorship doesn’t move mankind forward, it takes it back to the stone age, it destroys whatever freedom we had, it shortens great minds to hide in the dark corner, just to out run the stones that are toss their way. I would like to think that in these modern times, we would see the horrors that censorship has brought to many souls in the past,  a free voice should speak as loud as it pleases and never fear of being burned alive at the stake.


One love

Jesse Abundis




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