Coming Back Youtube

I’ve done a lot of different things on Youtube, none of them that lasted for a long time. Mainly cause I just didn’t know what I wanted from the site. This time around, I have a better sense of where I’m going.

I’m coming back to Youtube around July, to do my podcast and other short video projects. I’m not aiming to look like of the big hitters, I’m looking to be something different and bring new entertainment to the people on Youtube.

List of Shows Coming

Jesse Uncensored Podcast

* This is me bring a one hour podcast, live and on the fly. Also I’ll be taking live twitter questions as the show goes on. People can send me questions via the hash tag #JNUChat

Drawing With Jesse

* Sit down with me, let’s draw some random twisted crap. That’s right, Drawing with Jesse comes in many forms 😀 You will see the horrors that I have to create on my laptop and Kindle.

Ask Jesse

* You got questions, I got answers, ask them away on twitter and facebook, and I’ll respond back in this weekly segment.

Zero / Zero Commentary

*My new comic is coming out July and we’ll you’ll have a chance to read it. Then the following week I’ll be doing a commentary of what’s going and what’s to come, a little feedback on what went through the whole thing. 😀

For the first six months this is what I’m brining you, but as we continue on, I hope to bring some great minds on board to help with the channel. 😀 Hope you guys come check out my new channel that will be opening this June, and start releasing shows in July. So subscribe on June and let’s get ready for some fun times 😀

Jesse Abundis


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