Writing something new, not mainstream

There’s always this notion of writing what sells is the best way to go about things, but is it really? Are we taking giant steps back, just to remain in the shadow of mainstream, are Authors refusing to step out and take a bold stance in doing something new, or for that fact, just  being themselves just to keep in line?

Authors around seem focused on one thing today, let’s keep hitting on what sales. This goes for a lot of other fields too, games, music and film. But should it really be the status quo. You keep pumping on that same old well, in the end all you have are readers that just are sick and tired of the same old thing. Is it so taboo to just write a story that takes you into something different, something that you weren’t expecting to see. The golden rule might be, don’t upset the readers, but you have to give your readers more credit than that, you must assume they have a greater mind to take in something different, something new, even if takes them awhile to digest the whole book.

I’m a fan of being told a story that doesn’t just stick to the old good vs evil, but shows us that good and evil are the same, and that in the world there are no villains, just humanity which is deformed in it’s own way when you take the blindfold off. It’s surely not what sells, but isn’t that the beauty of it, it’s different, it takes a jump into an area that not a lot of people would. Cause of that, the author in my eyes earns my respect and reader for life.

Another factor in this trend is sales. Authors do keep themselves in place for the sake of sales. And we know the amount of books you sell is key for the finical living of the artist, the money you make, is the money you can pay the bills with. Now my take is different when it comes to this issue, I rather sell the book I had envisioned , than be force to release a book I know isn’t quite true to what I had planned, cause in the end, it comes down to this ” Will you be able to walk with your head held  high?”

Putting all that aside, you have to remember. You are an artist, you are the creator, you are the one that gave life to this story. You should say, you should create, you should do what feels right to you. Forget being the apple of everyone’s eye, forget about being NY Best Seller, and just be you, just be real. Write the story that isn’t censored and forced into something it never was in the first place. Be true and you’ll see the right people follow you. Cause shouldn’t your happiness be the thing that truly matters in life.


Tell me what you think, do you agree, do you disagree. Let me know.
~Jesse Abundis



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