Jesse Is Angry: No Shame, I love Kickstarter and IndieGogo !


I don’t know what bug bit some critics, but many people have begun to take a bat to Kickstarter and Indiegogo for giving the artist other means in letting project come to life. Most recent news was that Veronica Mars creator was going to do a Kickstarted to launch this fan funded project.  This made a lot of fans happy as hell, and many of the ” IF IT”S NOT FUNDED BY CORPORATIONS, THEN IT SHOULDN’T BE” Which is just utter bullshit. Why should we be held to HOLLYWOOD, we’re in a different age where we can take a different route, one that isn’t run by a friend’s only circle. Haven’t we reached that point in life where we can have both Hollywood and INDIE, isn’t that beauty of art?

If you are a film maker, and you don’t have the big budget, or a budget at ALL, then INDIEGOGO and KICKSTATER can you help you out, even if your dreams are to take to Youtube and that’s the beauty of the internet, you can make  dream come true, you can reach so many people without going through Hollywood, and that’s what they hate. Hollywood doesn’t want to give control to the people, and what’s the downside of letting the small artist step up? Nothing.

So for the people bashing KICKSTARTER and INDIEGOGO I say grow up, take the stick out of your ass, and your vast knowledge of douchebaggery and just accept the fact, every artist can do as they please, who cares if it’s not a 100Million budget, if the story blows my mind, I don’t fucking care!!!!


That was my rant, that was my fury, one love!




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