RAGE QUIT: Facebook


Facebook wants me to share my feelings, share my feelings!!! Why so I can get likes every time I post “ MY CAT DIED, FUCK MY LIFE!” who the fuck likes that, you sick bastards!!

Or better yet, let me post how some girl broke my heart, everyone loves that right! “ Never again will this heart beat.” That’s stupid and doesn’t make a lick of sense, if you’re heart stop beating, you wouldn’t be able to write that garbage you spam my timeline with, cause it seems you have nothing to do with your time then to post how sad the sun makes you feel or how it makes you cry, maybe stop looking at it, it’ll make your eyes tear up if you stare at it for too long.

Share my feelings Faceboook, sure I’ll share my feelings, no better yet, let me post a photo that describes my feelings, cause every asshole is doing it nowadays, right, I mean let’s jump on the bandwagon!!!! Let’s all pile up on the fucking bandwagon…

Share my feelings, is this good enough Facebook, should I put a little 😀 or  a 🙂 why the fuck are you smiling online, is it because you can’t do it in real life, fuck you Facebook, FUCK YOU!!!


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