Going NC-17


When I write, I don’t censor the image, I let it play out. No matter how dark or disturbing the image might become. And I’m told the violence in my work will hurt sales of my book, but honestly that doesn’t bother me one bit. I didn’t set out to write their book, I set out to write my book. I think that train of thought might throw some people off, cause no writer wants to lose sales, cause that’s become part of the game, you make a book and you try to sell a million copies.

A million sounds nice, but I just want to be able to write a book that I can look back on with pride. I don’t care if it’s disturbing or hard to read, but that’s my creation, that’s my baby, I created it with my own bare hands. I can hear the million takes of different people, but I’m not aiming for a tone down story. If I wanted to tone it down, I would have done so in the second draft.

I know with my three novels THE PERFECT WOMAN, DARKLY DREAMING and CHAOS THEORY there will be some uproar cause of the violence depicted in the novel, but that’s something I’m willing to bear. Like I said, I’m aiming for a NC-17 rating, not a PG or PG-13 or even R on those stories, even if it does cost me sales.

Sometimes an artist has to stand by their work of art. If I get a handful of people who are pumped, who like it, who want to read more, than that’s good enough. Sometimes you shouldn’t aim to please everyone, as long as you please yourself, you’ll find the people you are looking for. In the end it doesn’t matter how many sales you made, it’s if the people will still remember when you are long and gone, and that only happens when the art you create speaks to them.


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