It Falls On Me

It always falls on me

No time to breathe

No time to smile

World demands so much

Takes me by the moment

Leaves me drained

Still I’m told to carry on

Sorry son

Didn’t know you had it rough

You look fine

You’re living off your mother and father

Never taught to fight for your own

Never taught how to survie on your own

Still you tell me to follow your lead

Like you know whats best for me

Still you tell me to be like you

Like you ever knew what I stood for

Wish I could

But can’t you see

I got bills to pay

I got problems

I sleep

But I don’t rest

I close my eyes

But the nightmares don’t go away

they come alive

I wake up in a cold sweat

Wondering where the fuck I am

This ain’t my home

This isn’t the life I pictured

I pray to God to keep me alive

cause my will is busted

No joke

Soul tore into pieces

Still holding a smile

Getting hard each time

When you’re fighting back tears

Yeah it falls on my shoulders

The easy way out would be to take a break

But I can’t afford a one

Can’t close these eyes

Can’t you see

Everything falls on me


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