A story that's only been read by one person.

A story that’s only been read by one person.

Chaos Theory is about a father who is a failed film maker. So as he dwells on his short comings, he meets a strange young man holding a camcorder, who video tapes his low point, before knocking him out with a  rock, then the father wakes up to a doctor jerking off inches from his face… I won’t spoil what happens from there, but the father convince the young man who knocked him out to help him make his biggest film ever CHAOS THEORY. It’s more of a social experiment, one in   which he pulls his family into this dark experiment.

This is a story I wrote around the time during THE PERFECT WOMAN. I know some have said TPW is violent in it’s own, but Chaos Theory takes the level of madness into a different world. It has it’s laugh out moments through out the pages, it’s a dark dark comedy in a way. It has a lot of it’s holy shit moments. I know for sure, there won’t be a publisher out there ready to put this on their catalog, cause it does make you take a step back. There are some parts of the story where I found it be too hard to write, there’s one point I just walked away from the computer cause of how twisted the scene was going. And fuck, that says a lot. I haven’t finished the novel, it still there, but it’s something I want to do now. Cause I’m at the place where I want to see this madness have it’s ending. I do know how it ends, and I can tell you that the chaos in this story spells an ugly truth to the world around us, and it just peels away the lie smeared on top.

I kinda feel like anything I write, which might be shocking to others, isn’t for me anymore. Cause of this fucked up story 😀 lol  and I’m ok with that.

The family in this story are like the Beavers, you know, so perfect looking, but only do you discover the truth when you step into that house. I think that’s what kinda pushed me to write this in the first place. Cause we all look so normal outside, socializing with others, but it’s what happens inside the house where no one can see, where the truth really lies. I think that’s always been on my mind when I started to write this story.

I have a lot of novels still ahead of it. But I think I might want to try the pre-life method, by that I mean give this baby it’s time in the sun, by publishing the rough draft on the site, then stopping half way through, just to give you the reader the taste of the insanity and see where I’m at and then push to publish this baby.  If anything I think it’ll hit the site around summer 2014.

I’m open for Q&A’s just comment below. One love 🙂


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