Geekout: Youtube Time #1

This week I checked out some great interesting youtube videos. I think you guys might like, so check it out

#1  DPKR: Land Of Whispers

I’m always intrigued by how North Korea citizen live in their nation. There’s a lot of twisted true stories, but to this date no one has seen inside the prison camp, the torn cities. In this video one man takes the trip to see North Korea first hand, but finds out seeing the truth is something that isn’t seen in North Korea and fear is the name of the game.

I will admit, it’s not the best documentary out there, but still being able to see how censorship is king in this nation is a scary thing to watch first hand.






I laughed my ass off when I saw this video. And it’s hands down the strongest from this group. Sit back, enjoy and laugh. Cause remember if you can’t hear the beat, you can’t bust the move.



Nothing has to be said, but this movie is THE MOVIE for me this 2013. I love the trailer, I love the direction of where this movie is going and I’m doing a full article on it next week. For now set back and enjoy the trailer.


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