I Don’t Live In Fear

I’ll say it, I don’t care, we live in an era of censorship. You look at CISPA being passed by the House, we have the NDAA that’s waiting in the shadows, we have drones ready to take into the skies to watch our every move 24/7, we have proof when Occupy Wall Street was beaten to a pulp, when Aaron Swartz was bullied by people who dealt in censorship and who pushed him to his own death, we have Bradley Manning facing a life sentence for showing the ugly truth of the world, and Juilan Assange held in the Ecuador Embassy, fearful of stepping out, cause he believes the UK and US government will assassinated him on the spot, just because he helped Bradley Manning expose the truth. Look me in the eye and say we don’t live in a time of censorship.

I think the talk about censorship, is something that is always taboo, cause society kind of files it under paranoia, and for artist it’s the subject that can get you blacklisted. I think the industry as a whole doesn’t want artist to speak out about censorship that’s happening around their given nations, you can say how grand your nation is, but the moment you point the ugly side your bashed for it. If you look at any artist personal site, you’ll find everything about writing, sex, jokes, but you’ll never see the subject of censorship. Cause it’s such a bad word among the community, even if we know it’s happening. But if it’s not trending or making money for the industry we’re told to hush up, or you’re collogues turn their back on you. And this goes double for any artist that works with a publisher, there everything you say and do is filtered and reprocessed, where your words are no longer your words, you’re no longer a person, you’re just a product. Design to create what they want, and if you try to play them, they’ll end your career before it gets off the ground.

I think we’ve reached that point in society where we rather let the horror go unspoken about, even when we witness the event in front of our eyes. We do live in a nation ( U.S )where we do have more wiggle room than other countries, but that is being taken away by us at a rapid pace with more insane bills being passed through the House and Senate. And we are aware of this, but everyone seems more wrapped around meaningless issues, that they’re missing the bigger picture.

Will all this come to bite me back. Who knows. Do I really care, not really. Cause someone has to say the truth, even if it does hurt. I don’t want to look back knowing I did nothing, and sold everything.

~ Jesse Abundis


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