RAGE QUIT: Reality Tv


It’s that time again, let’ all watch reality tv, cause nothing says reality like fucking Hollywood magic!

Things only happen once in life, well not for reality tv, cause they get to shoot it over and over again until they get it right, so like reality? And you even have a script, guess that’s why I keep fucking up in life. I’m not learning my lines, maybe that’s why I keep looking like an idiot without nothing to say, because I’m not learning my God damn lines!!! Am I standing at the right spot, should I whip my hair back, should I not look into the camera, where’s the fucken camera, fuck me I GOT TO BUY A CAMERA TOO!!!

And we all can relate to reality tv, cause we all drive big cars, live in mansions, have huge parties, and have problems, we get you rich people, we’re both the same. Only, my car is a bus, my mansion is a small apartment, and one of us has to fight with their cat for the last can of tuna. But I get you.

This is why we should all huddle up and watch Kim I Made A Porn Film Cause I Have No Talent Douchebag Kardshian and her fucking sisters as they show us the hard life they have. So fuck the homeless, you guys don’t have it bad, KK does. Your hungry, too bad, so is Kim. That ass isn’t going to grown on it’s own!!!

Are you fucking kidding me, you want to see real reality tv, grab a camcorder, video tape yourself the entire day and just watch the whole drama unfold. Well don’t you look like a movie star as your crying in the shower.

Reality Tv, go fuck yourself!!!


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