Rage Quit: The Work Force

Do you want low self-esteem, Do you want to work hard and see someone else take credit for it, Do you want to get depress every payday? Then the work force is for you! Fuck my life!!!! 😀

Why should we hire you?

I don’t know, I woke up early, that’s gotta count for something right? I mean look at me, I’m wearing clothes I wouldn’t wear, look at the shoes, they’re clean, I mean I’m smiling at you, YOU! The asshole who thinks doing retail / food service is like rocket science! You hear that kids, flipping burgers, selling clothes and dealing with annoying assholes all day is harder than discovering the distance to the moon. Fuck, Einstein was a pussy, took the easy way out in life.

The Work Force Summed Up By Einstein

E=Kill Me Now!!! 😦

Thinking outside the box, we all want to do it in our jobs, and we can, we can think outside the box but we have to stay in the Three dimensional four sided wall, with bars on them. Are you getting the metaphor?

Are you fucking kidding me!!??? Here I thought slavery was good and gone, we might not be picking cotton, but we’re picking other people’s shit, we might now get whipped, but we sure as hell as get a good lashing each time we come a minute late! Fucking good times right? These are the moments you will remeber for the rest of your life, how can you not, you’ll have flashbacks like a Vietnam vet back from the war. Instead of blood and bullets, it’s angry old people, and piss off ladies who want to speak to your manager cause you didn’t move fast enough, I’m not the fucking flash, if I was, I would run around the world two times, then come back to slap you!!!!

Hey 9-5 time to put my two week notice, I just wanna say its been fun and FUCK YOU!!!!!!


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