If you followed me on twitter, then you know about THE PERFECT WOMAN it’s my very first novel coming out soon. The story is being proofread by Tanya Marcy and is hitting the world with a strong slated NC-17 rating, mainly cause this book carries some hard hitting scenes. I have another HUGE announcement, but before that, I want to give my readers the brief synopsis



It’s a story of a serial killer looking to create his ideal mate, one near the end of it’s design. Two amateur sleuths Peewee & Karen will come across this plot after helping a grieving mother whose daughter was taken by this unknown man. This search for answers will open a door to Karen Chernetsky own life, one she wished had been shut closed.

Another face to the puzzle is a burned out Lt. Detective Brian Klecko. A man in search for answers as one darken day still haunts him, a day that has this straighten arrow cop, filling the void in his soul with the blood that fills the street.

THE PERFECT WOMAN isn’t a good vs evil, it’s a story that shows the evil that lies in everyone’s soul, it’s a world of not one person, but many, in the end all these lost souls will collide, to an end the madness, a design that was weaved by fate.



Now for the big reveal, if you follow me on facebook you know already. BUT HERE IT IS, starting this July, my readers will be getting chapter reads of the rough cut of the novel, that’s right! You will get to see THE PERFECT WOMAN chapter by chapter until it’s full release day. Is that got you off your chair screaming YES YES YES! I hope soooo. But believe it when I say it, Summer is going to be fun a time on my site.

Also, I’ll be announcing the official release date of the book on August 1, 2013, seeing how it won’t be making its October release as planned. So, I hope these free chapter reads keeps you coming and waiting for when THE PERFECT officially drops


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