Shit Happens


Shit happens

Don’t mean it don’t hurt

What am I suppose to do?

Should I smile

When I want to fucking cry

Should I laugh

When I want to scream

People think I’m wrong

People think I’m insane

Cause I think of suicide

Cause I’m always depress

Cause I gave up on faith

Cause I want my soul to rest

Cause I want to stop those long nights

Cause I want to sleep

Cause I want to be

Cause I want to be alone

Cause I want the world to leave me alone Shit

Don’t look at me

Tell me I’m insane

Like these thoughts never crossed your mind

Like you got the answers

We both know that’s a lie

Maybe I’m fucked up

Maybe I’m not the savior

But I don’t deny

I’m just bouncing through life

Trying to figure this crazy thing called life

Wondering where it’s going to end

Wondering how it’s going to be

Just wondering

Trying to find peace

In a broken land

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