How The Mighty Have Fallen

You were careless

You hated

You did your best just to tear me down

You laughed when I was down

You disrespect me when I was left in the rain

You told your friends

That I was just a band-aid

That you were hanging on till something better came along

My words meant nothing

My life was worth less than the gum on your shoe

I try my hardest

Still you got me pegged as less

Let me clarify this

Let me regroup

Let me try to understand

But you laughed

You just enjoyed

Now time has passed

You’re the one left in tears

Found your prince charming

Guy you wanted

Head from toe

He came on a horse

Took you to his castle

You were living the good life

But the dream became a nightmare

He used you

He abused you

He hurt you

Something I’d never do

Now your left picking the pieces

Cutting your hands


You cry in anger

This wasn’t suppose to be

You’ll hate your soul

You’ll wonder what you did wrong

You’ll smile one moment

You’ll cry the next

What makes me an expert in this

Cause I went through this

Now I’m moving on

You’re left alone

Just hearing the whispers of life


How the mighty have fallen


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