The Adventures Of Knight-Hood ( Book Review )

It's got a nice cover

It’s got a nice cover



The Adventures Of Knight Hood

Written by: John Reid


This book had some great potential, but failed as it went along. My first gripe is the how the man becomes Knight-hood. Spoiler, he’s diagnosed with AIDS, Alex Breydon of course tells his doctor ” my girlfriend is the first person I’ve slept with ” Instead of demanding a second opinion he rolls with it… I almost felt like I should stop right there, cause AIDS isn’t something I would just take simply laying back, it’s not the flu. If someone told me I had aids, and this girl I was seeing was my first love, I’d go after her with a baseball bat, you don’t just go home explain it to her, then let her call you the hood rat. You just don’t. But moving along, despite this news it showed us nothing of him getting treatment or how his life was falling apart, another gripe.

They call this a fast pace book, cause it is, it’s skips so fast, so quick, you’re kinda left wondering, is this just the pages of an idea that he wanted to have happen? You’re left with a big empty hole, in a lot of the story. The first 50 pages kinda felt right, but the next 200+ feel like a nightmare. Knight-Hood save …never mind, I’ll just roll with it, like you did with AIDS. Another spoiler, he doesn’t have aids.


The way Knight-Hood fought crime was pretty cool, and you just wanted to see things turn bad so you could root for him when had to rise, instead they turned absolutely unbelievable, cause in every fight he would find some way to win. By then you just didn’t care anymore. You couldn’t feel for this guy, you couldn’t get to know him, frankly I couldn’t even root for him, I was rooting for something bad to happen to him.

The book does get its shadow from BATAMN, there’s no way around that, even his Russian assassin sidekick Sergei is a hint to a Robin type character, or Bruce Lee as Kato. Take your pick. Despite all the bad guys tossed into this one, this book doesn’t make up for the fact that it dropped the ball. It’s almost like the author writing this one didn’t want to sit back and just let this man come into his own. Maybe that’s just me.

If the book does come out with a second volume, which they should, cause that’s the power of writing. The author has the power, not the reader. If the author tackles the 2nd volume, give us something darker, it’s ok to see the hero fall, cause seeing him rise up against that new threat is what we want to see, and don’t rush the story build on that moment, stick to the story arch, if this series has 6 vols then make sure volume 2 is the one that sets up the next volumes.


I honestly felt if this book had focus on just his up bringing, with one major badass, this book would have been epic even despite the AIDS thing. And yes I know, that maybe the author was trying to hint that Alex knew he didn’t have AIDS, he just wanted to have that notion of death to push himself to do something he never would have.



ANOTHER GRIPE late intro of a love interest, some girl he saved, they loved each other at the end. That was a big twist, cause not once did they ever show us that they were flirting with the idea of FUCKING LOVE.


ANOTHER GRIPE censorship of cursing, if you’re going to say FUCK, just say it.  That’s all the gripes.


Now, will I buy the second volume. I probably won’t, not if the author is welling to put a six chapter read for free or more, cause I wanna make sure my time isn’t going to end with me saying ” WHAT THE FUCK, MAN?” and tossing my Kindle against the wall.



Either way I want to give a shout out to the author. Not a lot of people write superhero genres, this almost had it, but doesn’t mean it still can’t

have it. 🙂



One thought on “The Adventures Of Knight-Hood ( Book Review )

  1. I haven’t read the book, but I do know the man. Knight-Hood is a very dear friend of mine, one of my mentors. I was in a really dark place, on the edhe of an abyss, and where others rejected me, he didn’t give up. Because of him, I found the strength to move on from all the horrible things that have happened to me. Because of him, this world has another superhero, and a brighter future. Knight Hood is the greatest superhero I know and has a lot of experience under his belt. I feel you should probably demonstrate a bit more respec when you’re griping online; I felt angry reading what you said; hurt, because of my relationship with the man himself.

    I know I shouldn’t though, I understand you’re a reader who doesn’t know the man behind the mask, and therefore can’t have an accurate image of him. Him and I have been friends for years. I know for a fact that even if the book isn’t written the way you had wished, that Knight Hood is far greater than you made him out to be. His partners and friends, and others who know him personally, know this to be true as well. Think before you speak, show respect, because you never know who you’re talking to (or more appropriately for this situation, you don’t know who you’re talking about).

    Oh, and you may not even know this….Knight Hood is a REAL superhero. He’s not fictional. Him and I are a part of an international netowkr of heroes known as the RLSH, Real Life Super Heroes. There’s hundreds of us, some great, some not so great. Knight Hood is one of the, if not THE most respected of us all. But more importantly, he’s my mentor. He was like a father for me (my real one was an abusive alcoholic). Words just can’t express it.

    Stay true. Stay free. Stay safe.

    –Hero Man

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