Erotica Fail ” JUAN THE VAMPIRE ”

He was Juan, the vampire. The lonely pale girl always used to watch him, seeing how he always used to mow her family’s lawn only at night. The lonely pale girl would always look at him and mutter ” I want his brown babies.” It was racist, but hot if you really think about it.

The pale girl spent nights trying to seduce Juan the vampire, she would dress with the window open, showing off her pale ass, with the tattoo of Lucky The Rabbit ” Silly Rabbit, Ass Is For Kids” Which was creepy and not hot at all, the pale girl regretted it her entire life.

Then of course one night as she slept, Juan crept into her window uttering words of love ” Estoy borracho” and so they banged for two minutes.

Oh, here’s the twist, Juan wasn’t a vampire and he wasn’t paid to mow their lawn, he just read twilight and thought there had to be some white pale girl that would fall for the scam.



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