I Remember


I remember your words

I remember your laughter

I remember your teachings

You were there

Now your gone

Not by choice

Life just cut things short

It caught me be surprise

It took away my breath

So many things

So much time

Never got to say what I wanted to say

We never got to enjoy the time we should of

You’ll never see me turn old

You’ll never see the family you always wanted me to have

You gave me life

You taught me how to defend

How to look after myself

Wish I could turn things back

Spend another day

Have those moments back

Forget about the day we had to say goodbye

Forget about the day we had to part our ways

People tell me it’ll be alright

People tell me it’ll get better with time

I don’t know

I just don’t know

Just gotta stick with this pain

Morning starts off

I gotta remember you’re not there

It’s like learning everything again

Wish you can hear me

Wish you can see me

Cause I’m missing you

Cause I’m thinking of you

Cause I’m never going to forget

I’ll carry on I’ll live

I’ll be me

Cause I know that’s what you wanted for me

Cause I know somewhere out there you remember me

Like I remember you

We’ll share a laugh

When that time comes


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