Hot fun in the summer time, WELL FUCK YOU TOO

Who doesn’t love summer, it’s the only time in the month were we can get high and baked without smoking a bong. Fucking stoners don’t what they’re missing, I’m getting baked the way mother nature wanted me to, under the sun, seeing the ghost of Jim Morrison and Johnny Cash telling me to switch to GEICO and then for some reason they’re asking me the size of my penis. That’s between me, Morrison and Cash.

Summer time is a blessing it really is, I mean you have all the half nuts running out their showing people SUMMER TIME = FITNESS TIME. I’m so with you there, I’m an idiot, here I am trying to beat the heat, with my ac on, watching you around my block like some creep.


It’s like a bad horror film, we’re all running scared to find the shade, and we’re all hiding from the Raisin brand cereal monster. WE DON”T WANT ANOTHER SCOOP YOU ASSHOLE JUST LEAVE US ALONE

Mother nature you bitch, I’ve been sorting my plastic, not kicking trees and not peeing in the rivers, yes RIVERS as in plural, so you could screw me like this, FUCK NO. I’m going to trash your ocean and kick flipper, cause I thought we were cool, like BFF, BFF who would say a joke we only got and the rest of the room is clueless about, but no, instead you’re the type of friend who says “ loves ya sweety.” While spreading rumors behind my back, you swore you wouldn’t tell anyone about me faking that hickey




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