So I gave recently gave the Adventures Of Knighthood a 1 out of 5 on amazon. And this has been meant with some backlash by many fellow friends or fans of this author, telling people not to listen to me or to reevaluate my review. To that I say… HELL NO… yes I know the book it meant to be 30’s pulp genre set in modern time, I am not blinded by the facts. Still needless to say The Adventures Of Knighthood falls short of being a good book. If your hungry for the old classic comics were there’s no real plot development, then this is your book. A book which  meant for the family and KIDS! I think if they’re seven and never heard of DC or MARVEL and they’re not allowed to watch tv, then you have a good chance.


But I will be frank, I think the fans are the people stuck of the golden days, hey there’s a genre for it, but I’m not apart of it. I know what I like to see, I know what I like to write.


I made it clear in the review, write what you want, that’s the power of writing and I stated my review shouldn’t change anything, cause in the end the writer has the power. And I was an outsider coming in, I don’t know the author, I just gave an honest opinion based on what I read. So if they want to put a strong warning ONLY REVIEW IF IT’S POSITIVE that would help, cause clearly this book is aiming for 5’s to bank on amazon rating system.


So, I shall not take my review back, it’s out there. Will people listen who knows. That’s my two cents, one love, friends. 🙂


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