The Ugly Truth

This can’t be held back anymore, someone has to say it, cause it needs to be said…so keep reading if you want to know the truth. Cause the truth is a powerful weapon, it’s like three no, million of bombs…yeah, they’re that strong, I mean fuck, the truth is strong with the force…so if you want to know the ugly truth keep on reading…. I mean why it call it the ugly truth, I mean it doesn’t have a face, shouldn’t a lie be ugly, the ugly lie, shouldn’t it be the beauty of truth? are you still there, good, cause here’s the TRUTH

You just wasted seconds reading this for nothing!!!! Dude, like I would stop reading here, why go on, I mean there’s nothing else I can add to this…stop reading, go back, check out youtube…..

OMG why are you still here…fine, I just won’t say anything………………
………………… are you gone yet?…..hello?

Shit, you’re still there, what the helll dude, go away……..what do you want to talk about? How about that local sports team, they’re doing “well” ooooh I know , bad trade….you’re crazy, they’ll take it this year……alright bro catch you later….



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