It’s the wrong people everyone seems to fall for. People who don’t really care about your well being, people who are to vain to think about anyone else. You’re living in their world and rent is a cool thousand for an apartment that smells like shit and you have roaches running everywhere. You can fool yourself to think it’ll get better with time, but people in hell have a better chance of having ice water.

Julian fell for her bad boy, by the name of Ortiz. A wanna be biker, MMA ( mixed martial arts ) freak. Apparently that’s all he could ever talk about. It seems when he went off the rails he would try some of the moves on her. Still she said, he wasn’t a bad guy, he fucked pretty good in bed. That’s always good to know.

He has his own private shop, by private I mean he works from his grandmother garage outside of South Central L.A. I stand out like a sore thumb here, man dressed in white suit and black tie. I look like a pastor ready to preach the good word to all the wicked sinners, who need to hear the good lord shouting at them, it’s time to forget your wicked ways, it’s time to get on your knees and know that I am here, that this is my kingdom, that I am your father, hear me, feel me, know you are never alone….I kill myself sometimes.

“ Can I help you with something!?” Already a loud bark, before I even set foot near the garage. And here comes the MMA badass, with his tatted body, chains, dragons, a woman face, and butterflies. He should of stuck with one theme, his body looks like a walking billboard of “ THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU MAKE DRUNK DECISIONS “

“ Yes, my good man. Are you Ortiz?” I try my best to keep a straight face.

“ You a preacher ?” He asked cause of my getup. Note to self, change after this.

“ Yes I am.” Might as well roll with it.

“ Really, where at?”

“ The one, two blocks from here.” I’m pretty sure I saw a KFC two blocks from here.

“ I know the place, I go there every Sunday.” Lies. “ Sorry, didn’t recognize you.”

“ It happens my son.” I bless him and he bows his head. Ignorance is bliss.

“ So what can I help you with father.” He leads me into his garage, he’s got some rap music playing in the background, no one in sight. Maybe it is a higher calling guiding my hand.

“ Do you know a girl name Julian?” His face stiffens.

“ Can’t say I have.” What a horrible little liar.

“ She came to the church a day ago and she told me the saddest story. May I share this tale with you my son?”

“ Of course father.” He knows it already, he used his fist to tell the story. Still he manages to plaster a fake concerned look on his face.

I rest my weight on top of a beaten up Chevy truck that he’s busying work on, while he leans against his workbench, both of us meeting eye to eye. “ Well this young lady would always sit in the back of the church, she wouldn’t say anything, she’d just keep to herself. No one there pay any attention to her, even with all the bruises on her face, or the swollen lip. She’d show up day after day, and no one could see her and you know why?”

“ Why father?”

“ Cause she was good at smiling.”

“ At smiling ?”

“ Cause a smile is all it takes to fool the world, but the eyes, the eyes show the whole story. That’s what I saw in her the moment she walked into the coffee shop.”

“ Coffee shop, I thought you saw her at church father?” My blood is running hot that I don’t care what I say anymore.

“ Those eyes, they reminded me of something I lost, they gave me something I had lost.” I can see her standing in the rain. The moment ends abruptly.

“ You’re not a preacher.” He flashes his dumbfounded look at me.

“ And you’re no rocket scientist.” I catch Ortiz by surprise with a haymaker of a right hook that it knocks him down to pavement. I don’t let the moment end, I quickly pin him down on the floor and start caving my fist into his face, it takes two good punches until I break the bridge of his nose, the blood is drenching down his mouth, he’s too stun to do anything.

“ Who are you?” He’s crying from the horror.

“ Is this what you did to her?” I slap him hard across his face, making him feel weak. “ Answer me, is this what you did?” I slap him so hard I tear his lip.

“ Stop, please stop.” I want him to fear, I want him to piss his pants, I want to demoralize him. I turn him over and work on his kidneys, I stop the moment he cries out in agony. I should stop before I lose control, but the shiny screw driver is calling out to me.

I bring myself closer to him and whisper into his ear. “ Do you believe in God? “

“ Yes.” He sobs.

“ That’s good.” I grab the screw driver from the bench, I turn his palm over “ You ever wonder how he felt on the cross?” And stab it into him. He screams at the top of his lungs as his eyes lay on the wrench that pierced right through his left palm. I let him catch his breath before I yank it out of him.

“ Why, oh God, why.” He curls into a ball trying to wash away the pain. Just like Julian had tried to do on so many nights.

I rise off the ground, clean my bloody hands on my white suit. “ I want you to stay away from her, you hear me!” I kick him to make sure the message is clear. “ You don’t mention her name, you don’t even think about her, it’s over. Consider this a wake up call.” I place the bloody screw driver on the car. And get ready to take my leave.

“ Me and my homies are going to find her,” I was inches away from leaving. “ we’re going to take turns raping the shit out of that bitch, we’re going to fuck her until she bleeds.”

“ What did you say.” Some people refuse to lose, they refuse to give up, they want to have the last laugh at any cost. People like that should always be put down.

“ We’re going to pump her body with cum until she drowns in it!” He laughs through his bleeding gums.

Ortiz was a waste of semen, his father should have masturbated and saved us from someone like him. “ I gave you a choice.” I walk back to him in a rush, he begins to cry, taking everything back.

“ I was kidding!” He cries as he see’s me grab the screwdriver.

“ No more jokes .” I stab the screwdriver into his throat, his eyes widen as he feels the steel pressing against his throat. The moment I pull it away the burst of blood rains into the air. Ortiz body jerks around the floor as the blood begins to pour out of him, he does this for a minute until his body goes limp, and he lays in pool of his own blood.

I can see him looking at me, so I kneel beside him, meeting his gaze as the life is snuffed slowly from his soul. “ If you see her, tell her that I’m still looking for it.” I kiss his forehead as he passes away to the next life.


2 thoughts on “BANG BANG BLAME – CHAPTER 3

  1. Thank you, again! 🙂 And also thank you for pointing the error.
    Bang Bang Blame train is just starting, things go deeper with each chapter, hope you keep reading! 🙂

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