RAGE QUIT: Idiots In Power

Do you know what 2+2 is, you don’t! Then you might be the next world leader


Momma always said study hard, learn to read & write , learn to work hard, well turns out MOMMA WAS WRONG!!! Have you seen the work force, have you seen our political leaders? They’re the same kid we saw in school eating freaking glue or trying to stick their tongue in a fan, in A FREAKING FAN!!!!


Here I am being creative, witty, smart, busting my ass and  what does that win me “ IN DEBT “ ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!


Then what’s the point of no children left behind, we should leave them all behind, cause life is going to groom them for management. Doesn’t take much to be an asshole, and apparently knowing what you’re selling isn’t required as long as your good putting the lipstick on and kiss some ass. Granted, it’s easier for them, with all that glue their taste bugs are dead!!!


And just to add icing to the cake, it’s a pleasure to be brought in and scolded  by these well groomed leaders “ FUCK YOU” who say, you got to try harder, you should look at them as role models.. I don’t know how that’s possible, I still have braincells, I can count up to ten without getting a headache… maybe I should start eating glue right now, FUCK ME, it’s non-toxin




Get someone to read that for you!


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